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Citizen Architect Program

The general public's view of architects and AIA Iowa is shaped first and foremost by how the individual AIA members interact with their clients and their communities. The AIA Iowa Public Relations Committee introduced this program in 2008 to recognize members who represent AIA's values to their communities through public service: the Citizen Architect Program. This program is a recognition program bestowed upon all members who meet qualification criteria, and is intended to encourage all AIA Iowa members to actively engage in their communities and share in the AIA mission




Participants must...

1. be an AIA Iowa Member: Assoc. AIA, Assoc. AIA-E, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Student Affiliate, AIA-M, AIA-E, FAIA-M, or FAIA-E;

2. serve as: 
    a. an appointed or elected member of a government committee, council, or body at the local, county, regional, or state level;

    b. OR serve as a volunteer or in a leadership position for a non-profit organization that seeks to benefit people in need or communities as a whole.

3. In this role, advocate for one or more of the AIA Iowa's core principles of Quality Design, Sustainability, and Livable Communities. 


The 2018 Citizen Architect Community Track is now open! Please submit your applications by February 28, 2018. 



Participants must...

Participants must...

1. be an AIA Iowa Member: Assoc. AIA, Assoc. AIA-E, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Student Affiliate, AIA-M, AIA-E, FAIA-M,  FAIA-E, Professional Affiliate or AIA Iowa Allied Member

2. and meet or have a one-on-one conversation with their individual state legislators once a year;

3. and make a monetary donation to your local legislators (or other state elected official of your choice) any time in 2018.


The 2018 Citizen Architect Advocacy Track is now open, please click here to submit your application



Each member enrolled in the program this year will be recognized at the 2018 AIA Iowa Annual Convention. We encourage all AIA Iowa Architects who serve their communities and support their local legislators to participate.


Participants of the 2017 AIA Iowa Citizen Architect Program:

Community Track


Janna Alampi, AIA
Terry Allers, AIA
Matt Basye, AIA
Bob Bisenius, AIA
Michael Broshar, FAIA
Al Buck, AIA
Tim Bungert, AIA
Holly Butler, AIA
Natalie Carran, AIA
Tom Clause, FAIA
Megan Drake, Assoc. AIA
Curtis Ehler, AIA
Kevin Eipperle, AIA
Ryan Ellsworth, Assoc. AIA
Scotney Fenton, AIA
Peter Franks, AIA
Martha Green, AIA
Bruce Hamous, AIA
Scott Hatfield, AIA
Danielle Hermann, AIA
Emily Hilgendorf, Assoc. AIA
Tonia Householder, AIA
Jeanne Huntsman, AIA
Karl Kaufman, AIA
Liana LaMastra, Assoc. AIA
Michael LeClere, Assoc. AIA
Paul Mankins, FAIA
David Martin, AIA
Kyle Martin, AIA
Shannon McGee, Assoc. AIA
Todd McNall, AIA
Christina Monk, AIA
Michael Morman, AIA
Diane Munch, Assoc. AIA
Martha Norbeck, AIA
A. Grant Nordby, AIA
Scott Olson, AIA
Holly Pohlmeier, Assoc. AIA
Jerry Purdy, AIA
Jason Reis, AIA
Tina Rhodes, Assoc. AIA
Josh Ridgely, AIA
Michelle Sacco, AIA
Brian Schwartz, AIA
Craig Shannon, AIA
Edward Shannon, AIA
Evan Shaw, AIA
Ann Sobiech Munson, AIA
Edward Soenke, AIA
Rod Stevens, AIA
Steve Stimmel, AIA
David Unick, AIA
Joseph Wallace, AIA
Christopher Wand, AIA
Todd Wehr, AIA
Heidi Willis, Assoc. AIA
Tom Wollan, AIA

Advocacy Track

Terry Allers, AIA
Mindy Aust, AIA
Benjamin Beard, AIA
Michael Broshar, FAIA
Jesse Bulman, AIA
Ryan Cameron, AIA
Robert Carlson, AIA
Tom Clause, FAIA
Mathew Coen, AIA
Brian Crichton, AIA
William Dikis, FAIA
Dan Drendel, AIA
Kevin Eipperle, AIA
Julie Etheredge, Assoc. AIA
Joseph Feldmann, AIA
Scotney Fenton, AIA
Douglas Foreshoe, AIA
Elizabeth Goll, Assoc. AIA
Corinne Goode, AIA
Ken Hagen, AIA
Bruce Hamous, AIA
Scott Hatfield, AIA
Danielle Hermann, AIA
Tonia Householder, AIA
Charles Janson, AIA
Steve King, AIA
Kent Lutz, AIA
Steven Miller, AIA
Joshua Moe, AIA
Martha Norbeck, AIA
Jeffrey OBrien, AIA
Scott Olson, AIA
Matt Ostanik, AIA
Chip Overton, AIA
Matthew Palan, AIA
Jerry Purdy, AIA
Mark Seabold, AIA
Jarrod Siegel, Assoc. AIA
Michael Simonson, AIA
Rob Smith, AIA
Annamarie Snider, Assoc. AIA
Edward Soenke, AIA
Joseph Tursi, AIA
Gary Van Dyke, AIA
Amber von Arb, AIA
Joseph Wallace, AIA
Chris Wand, AIA
Kerry Weig, AIA
Eric Wessels, AIA
Alan Wieskamp, AIA
Steve Wilke-Shapiro, AIA
Kenneth Wind, AIA

AIA Iowa Firm Members